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Natural Stone Tiles

Tile Company, Msambweni

Specialists in Natural stone tiles, Galana stone, Mazeras slate, Maji-ya-Chumvi and African sandstone

We specialize in the mining, processing and marketing of Natural stone, Galana, Maji-ya-chumvi or Mazeras slate. Natural stone, a classic example of African sandstone, is mined from seasonal riverbeds and has similar characteristics to sandstone. As the name suggests, sandstones are made of sand cemented by silica, iron and lime.

It is used extensively for applying beautiful finish and decorations in residential houses, commercial buildings, hotels, lodges and in many other structures. It is also used to overlay pavements, driveways, landscapes, swimming pools, aquariums, and to clad walls and other areas. Natural stone tiles are used throughout the world for interior and exterior finish to make buildings look beautiful.


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