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North Malindi News

North Malindi

'North Malindi' refers to the region north of Malindi including Sabaki River Mouth, Ngomeni & Mambrui, before the coastline curves into the vast Ungwana Bay.

Sabaki River Mouth

Sabaki River MouthThe Sabaki River Mouth is situated a few kilometres north of Malindi town - on the northern end of Malindi Bay. The Sabaki River is Kenya's second longest river. It is approximately 390 kilomteres long. It is known as the Athi river in it's upper stages, the Galana River in it's mid section, and finally the Sabaki River as it finally meanders into the Indian Ocean.

Sabaki River Mouth is listed as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by Birdlife International. The tidal mud flats are a vital habitat for migratory waders, gulls and terns, and the coastal scrub and wetlands adjacent to the river mouth are an important habit for shorebirds and other waterbirds.

Sabaki River Mouth Bird Walk

Accommodation: Sabaki River Camp & Cottage

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Hell's Kitchen

'Hell's Kitchen' is a geological feature in the Marafa Depression, the weatherd remnants of a sandstone ridge. It is situated north of the Sabaki River, and can be reached via a track that truns left off the Malindi - Lamu road.

Mambrui and Ras Ngomeni

Mambrui is a historic town that dates back to the 1400's. There are a handful of historic sites where Arabic and Chinese artifacts can be seen. The beaches north of the Sabaki River Mouth leading up to the Ngomeni finger are relatively quiet, and are a popular destination for Kitesurfers.

Accommodation, restaurant, bar and kitesurfing facilities can be found at Che Chale, on Ngomeni beach.


Angel's Bay
Che Chale
Kajama Beach Bandas
Karibuni Villas

Sabaki River Mouth

Sabaki River Camp & Cottage

Kola Beach Resort

Kola Beach Resort

Resort, Mambrui - North of Malindi

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