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2014 September Equinox

on Monday, 22 September 2014. Posted in Climate

23rd September 2014

2014 September Equinox

The 2014 September (southward) Equinox (Tuesday, 23rd September) - marks equal day and night over the equator. The closest point of the earth to the sun (the 'subsolar point') moves over the equator towards the southern hemisphere.

A transitional period of shifts in the monsoon winds called 'Matalai' occurs from mid-September to mid-November where there is a period of rains and little wind between the switch from the southerly Kusi to the north easterly Kaskazi.

By late November the trade wind should have fully swung from the Kusi to the milder Kaskazi, marking a season of hot weather, and calmer seas.

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