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Billfish Season on the Kenya Coast

on Friday, 05 November 2010. Posted in Fishing

Best times of year to head out Deep-Sea Fishing for billfish off the Kenya Coast

Billfish Season on the Kenya Coast

Deep-Sea Fishing, or Sport Fishing off the Kenya Coast is among the best in the world.

An array of billfish are found in the waters off the Kenya Coastincluding the Black MarlinBlue MarlinStriped MarlinSailfish,Broadbill Swordfish, and the rare Shortbill Spearfish.

Although fishing off the Kenya Coast is quality all year around - there are times of year when there are far more billfish off the coast. Being migratory animals the quantity of numbers increase at certain times of year.

Sailfish on the lineGenerally, once theKaskazi wind has begun blowing from the north-east, a marked increase in the numbers of billfish caught by sports fishermen occurs.
So the best months for sports fishing for billfish are November, December, January, February and March.

Around the start and end of the Kaskazi wind - when the seas are generally calmer - the chances of catching the Broadbill Swordfish increase.

The Kenyan coastline is over 400 kilometres long, and during the 5 months or so when billfish are 'running' along the coast - there will of course be times when certain fishing grounds offer better fishing than others.

Seeking local knowledge from fishing clubs, and private charter boat skippers is worthwile when planning a fishing trip to the Kenya Coast.

For further information, many of the Kenya Coast's most repsected fishing organisations are listed in our Kenya Coast Directory.

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