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Wildfitness Kickstart

on Tuesday, 16 September 2014. Posted in North Coast, Watamu, Lifestyle, Travel

Fitness Courses on the Swahili Coast

Wildfitness Kickstart

Wildfitness offer holidays with a difference, where cocktails, pizzas, and lazing away the hours are not part of the programme.

Going on holiday to get fit and not indulge probably seems insane to many, especially to those looking to escape a busy city lifestyle, where many hours are spent in the office or in traffic.

The Wildfitness philosophy, training sessions and diet are an ideal antidote to stress, lethargy, and a mind and body that needs a kickstart and how to go about leading a more healthy lifestyle.

The Wildfitness approach to fitness and health is presented to you by a team of incredible coaches, chefs and support staff. The wide variety of fitness sessions are challenging, but nothing that is beyond limits, and leave you tired yet energised, and motivated to learn and do more.

Wildfitness offer fitness holidays and courses on the Kenya Coast (Watamu and Kilifi) and Zanzibar, and you can read more about them on the Wildfitness website.

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