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WSFC Fishing Competition - Day 1

on Sunday, 29 December 2013. Posted in North Coast, Watamu, Events, Fishing

Results, information and photos from the first day of fishing in the Watamu Christmas competition

WSFC Fishing Competition - Day 1

Following the Auction and Sweepstake at Ocean Sports bar on the evening of the 27th December, the 2013 Watamu Sea Fishing Club Christmas Competition officially got underway at 6.30 on Saturday morning.

The 28 boats that entered this years competition are:
Bingo, Tamu, Clueless, Insteada, Alleycat, Kipapa, Unreel, Simba, Ol Jogi II, Tarka, Seahorse, Pintail. Seyidda, Neptune, Sand Dollar, Tega, Whatever It Takes, Spoit, Eclare, Auspicious, Starehe, Magoo, Shika, Ocean Luhrs, Black Widow, Dignity, and Castle Lager.

The competition sponsors are Yamaha, Captain Andy's Fishing Supply Ltd, and Raymarine.

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The points system for this competition strongly reward billfish, and particularly Marlin and Broadbill which carry 8,000 points, Mako Shark 3,000 points, and Sailfish 1,000 points. More info is shown below in the details on points and rules are copied from the official program.

At the end of of day one, the leading boat was Seahorse, captained by Peter Ready, fished by F. Jackman, S. Jackman, and G. Gillard. The boat was drawn by Joss Taylor in the sweepstake, and bought by Chris Venn for 13,000/- in the auction. Seahorse caught and released three Striped Marlin contributing to a total points tally of 688.14 for the day.

Fishing conditions were not easy, and a number of boats had no billfish strikes at all.

Alleycat, always a favourite in the waters off the Kenya Coast, skippered by Pete Darnborough hooked into a large Marlin, possibly over 500lbs, but unfortunately for them, the Marlin got away.

Many stories were shared over a few beers at Ocean Sports as the boats came in, and a very social family event was enjoyed by many. Day one drew to a close at dusk, when a fashion show took place.

Final day results and photos will follow.



Points information and rules provided by Watamu Sea Fishing Club (WSFC)

General Scoring:
- Points scored will be DIVIDED by the LENGTH of the boat in feet
- All boats over 30 feet will be measured at 35 feet
- All fish: 10 points per kilo NB: Must be 5 kgs or over to score

Special Exceptions
- Marlin 50 points per kilo
- Marlin* 250 kgs and over 100 points per kilo
- Mako Shark 30 points per kilo
- Broadbill 50 points per kilo
- Sailfish 25 points per kilo
- Other Shark No points
- Giant Trevally Max 250 points AND Maximum 4 fish per boat per day

Released fish (swivel to tip of rod):
- Marlin 8,000 points
- Mako Shark 3,000 points
- Broadbill 8,000 points
- Sailfish 1,000 points
- Giant Trevally 250 points
- Other Shark No Points

- Finish line all boats must be past the mooring buoy at the Watamu Mlango by 4.30pm
- Late teams will be disqualified for that day
- No limit to the number of anglers on board
- Maximum of 7 rods
- IGFA rules except mutilated fish will count
- Anglers must hook and catch own fish
- Only KASA record chart fish can be weighed in / score points
- In the event of a tie due to a released or tagged fish, the fish caught earliest will win
- WSFC competition committee’s decision will be final
- Any complaints to be submitted to the committee within 1 hour of weigh-in
- There will be an hourly radio call on the hour every hour starting at 9am. All bots MUST respond when they are called. Failure to do so on two consecutive call ups could result in disqualification

Entry fees:
2,500/- per person Club Members
4,000/- per person Non Members

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