Trump should exit race, Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy says

“I think Joe Biden needs to be replaced, but I don’t think Americans would vote for someone who’s been convicted, so I’m just very sorry about how all of this is playing out,” the Louisiana senator said.

But Cassidy did not say he personally found Trump intolerable, stating he would vote for the eventual Republican nominee for president over Biden or any Democrat.

Cassidy said fixing the Social Security system remains a crucial issue for him.

“Unfortunately,” he said. “Social Security is going insolvent in eight to nine years, which means that somebody watching this who is getting Social Security is going to get a 24 percent cut. Both former President Trump, President Biden, are basically, basically saying you get a 24 percent cut because I’m not going to do anything. Now my threshold issue if you want to be a leader of our country is to lead, and right now we need someone who will lead on that issue.”

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