Female Cab Driver Survives Death After Nigerian Passenger Attack


A female taxi driver survived a near-death experience after a Nigerian passenger reportedly turned rogue and attacked her on Friday night.

According to a statement from the victim’s daughter, her mother, who works with a popular taxi company, was ferrying the passenger to Mlolongo along Katani Road.

Suddenly, the passenger attacked her with crude weapons, hitting her several times on the head. The daughter suspected that the passenger aimed at stealing the vehicle.

“My mum was attacked yesterday by a guy disguised as a passenger. He had boarded the vehicle with stones and a broken glass bottle,” she alleged

A collage of stones and broken glass bottle inside a car involved in an accident on August 2023



The assault resulted in the lady losing control and crashing into a nearby ditch. In the aftermath, she quickly exited the car in an attempt to save herself. 

However, she was bleeding profusely as she had incurred several injuries on her face. 

Alarmed by the incident, area residents and passers-by cornered the passenger who attempted to escape, as per the daughter’s accounts. They also descended on him mercilessly for committing the heinous act.

Kenyans.co.ke could not establish the whereabouts of the suspect by the time of publishing this article.

Conversely, the female driver was rushed to the hospital and was reported to be in stable condition.

“Thank you so much guys for the quick recovery wishes. Mum is doing much better nursing her injuries,” the daughter updated.

Meanwhile, the taxi company revealed that it was actively investigating the incident. It also wished the victim a quick recovery and condemned the incident, assuring that it does not condone violence on its platform.

“We will offer our full support to the police as they further investigate this issue. Due to the sensitivity of this case, we cannot comment further until the investigations are complete,” the company stated.

In response to the company’s statement, a section of Kenyans urged digital taxi-hailing companies to put in place more measures to guarantee the safety of both passengers and drivers

Taxi vehicles pictured while parking along Nairobi’s Central Business District on July 9, 2021.



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