Mathe wa Ngara: Questions Emerge Over Whereabouts of Seized Millions

The Magistrate Court based at Jomo Kenyatta was forced to adjourn after Mathe wa Ngara, formally known as Nancy Kigunzu, collapsed during hearing.

A clip taken within the court premises showed her lying on the ground while staff attempted to attend to her.

The court had convened for the hearing scheduled to determine her bail application.

Legal representatives of Mathe wa Ngara, formally Nancy Kigunzu, have expressed concerns regarding the status and location of the Ksh13.4 million confiscated by the police during a raid on her residence.

In their court filings, attorneys Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta formally requested information regarding the current location of the money. 

They argued that the funds were initially intended for deposit at the Central Bank of Kenya. The legal team also contended that the money was to be held separately as exhibit, yet the authorities involved have not yet disclosed where the money is being held.

“The money was recovered from the respondent (Nancy), and the state needs to convey to the respondent the issue of where that money is,” Omari stated.

A photo of city lawyer Danstan Omari during a press conference outside Milimani Law Courts on February 23, 2023.


Danstan Omari

“You gave express orders that the money be deposited at the Central Bank. The money is an exhibit if at all the respondent will be charged.”

In response, the prosecution assured that the money was in safe custody and would be produced upon demand.

“We have documentation showing the chain of custody. The total amount of money deposited at the Central Bank is 13,474,520 shillings,” the prosecution responded.

Last week, the court had ruled that Mathe wa Ngara should remain in custody for an additional five days pending police investigations. The team is awaiting her fate today.

Police aimed to extend her detention to analyse the confiscated contraband from the Ngara raid.

They also contended that beyond marijuana, they had discovered Ksh13 million stashed in gunny bags.

She was arrested on Monday night, mere hours after filing for anticipatory bail.

The case was heard at the Magistrate Court located at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

Nancy Kigunzu, popularly known as ‘Mathe wa Ngara apprehended on Tuesday, August 22, 2023.


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