MP Intervenes to Save Lecturer Who Helped Her Secure Political Seat


Nominated Senator Esther Okenyuri covered the medical expenses of her former lecturer, who was receiving medical attention at a local hospital in Nairobi for several weeks.

Dr Shem Khamadi, who has been working as a Senior Lecturer at Maasai Mara University’s School of Information Sciences, fell ill, prompting his beloved student to check on him. 

Okenyuri visited the university don after returning to the country on official duties in Istanbul, Türkey. However, the duo had kept in touch, with the lecturer updating the senator on his progress. 

“So immediately I arrived, I went straight to hospital where we shared pleasantries,” the Senator explained while acknowledging Dr Khamadi’s role in her life, in a series of posts on her social media pages. 

Nominated Senator Esther Okenyuri sitting in a Senate Standing Committee on Trade, Industrialization and Tourism on Thursday, May 4, 2023.


Esther Okenyuri

In her immediate intervention, Senator Okenyuri offered financial assistance to help offset the medical bills, noting that she would continue to support one of her most cherished lecturers. 

Consequently, Esther remembered how Dr Khamadi supported her during her first campaign as a student leader at Maasai Mara University and later provided key advice when she was a fully-fledged politician.

“Learning from Dr Khamadi was a great privilege as he is a blessing to the academic community and immensely contributed to my professional and leadership career,” said Senator Okenyuri. 

“He is the reason for many fond memories during my time on campus, and I am very grateful. This day, I make a short prayer for him, that illness will not be his portion and that he gets well soon,” the lawmaker, allied with the United Democratic Alliance, added while speaking to

To Senator Okenyuri, the lecturer is not only an academician but also a father figure who has often provided essential guidance to his former students. 

“He not only taught academic work, but gave life lessons which have been very important to me and the rest of us,” the Senator recounted.

The Nominated Senator promised to continue assisting the lecturer, acknowledging that her assistance couldn’t compare to the valuable lessons she received from the lecturer throughout the years.

In retrospect, Senator Okenyuri shared fond memories and photos with her former classmates who benefited from Dr Khamadi’s wise counsel.

A photo collage of Esther Okenyuri and her classmates at Maasai Mara University.


Senator Esther Okenyuri

Barely 32 years old, Okenyuri, born in Kisii County, has worked in the areas of education, gender, and youth development.

She is the founder of the Kisii Youth Alliance, a community-based organisation that promotes youth empowerment. In 2022, Okenyuri was nominated to the Senate by the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party and further appointed as the vice chairperson of the Senate Committee on Trade, Industrialisation, and Tourism. 

She is also a member of the Senate Health Committee and the Senate Powers and Privileges Committee.

Okenyuri is a passionate advocate for the rights of women and youth and is committed to working to improve the lives of Kenyans through education, job creation, and economic empowerment.


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