DJ Krowbar Appeals for Help Ahead of Wife’s Kidney Transplant

Frederick Ngatia Karumba popularly known as DJ Krowbar is appealing for help from Kenyans to raise Ksh6 million for his wife who is scheduled to undergo a kidney transplant.

When contacted DJ Krowbar after learning of his wife’s medical condition, the disc jockey shared that his wife’s health has been deteriorating over the past year, resulting in a prolonged period of hospitalisation. 

Given the challenging circumstances they have faced, he has now made the decision to seek assistance from Kenyans.

“My wife was diagnosed with kidney failure last year and she has been on dialysis ever since,” he explained.

A photo of DJ Krobar and his wife Wanjiru Karumba


DJ Krowbar

How it Happened

As a man who has spent over 365 days speaking to doctors on a daily basis, DJ Krowbar has really gotten the hang of medical terminologies.

He explained that initial diagnostic assessments revealed that his wife’s kidneys were operating at 9 per cent of their normal capacity. Immediate initiation of dialysis wasn’t viable due to elevated blood pressure levels, necessitating careful management.

Following a course of prescribed medications, the medical team were able to do the procedure and his wife has been on dialysis ever since. 

His wife, she said undergoes dialysis sessions twice a week, each incurring a cost of Ksh9,500.

The ongoing medical situation has deeply affected the family, causing substantial emotional and financial strain. DJ Krowbar and his partner, who are parents to three children, have faced these difficulties unitedly, showcasing their strength and dedication in navigating through this challenging period.

“It is hard. Sometimes you are going out and the kids ask if their mother will come home,” he explained adding that he was proud of his kids as they had remained strong during the whole process. 


Even amid the challenges, DJ Krowbar acknowledged how much his family’s National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) cover has helped them navigate the situation.

“I do not know what I could have done without NHIF. It completely covers the dialysis procedure. I now cover medication, diet and transportation bills,” he explains.

He explained that the situation has placed a strain on his family, as being the primary caregiver restricts his ability to take on additional work as he once did.


DJ Krowbar explained that upon receiving the diagnosis, Mercy, his wife’s sister, volunteered to donate one of her kidneys.

“God bless Mercy. She has been so wonderful to us. When she offered to donate her kidney, the doctor advised that she first give it time so the decision matures on her mind,” he explained the delay in the transplant.

Shedding light on the medical deliberations surrounding the situation, DJ Krowbar disclosed that both his wife and her sister underwent testing.

If all goes well, the surgery will be done in November this year followed by a subsequent 9-month period during which she will primarily be prescribed immunosuppressant medication.

“It is an expensive journey and we would appreciate every help we can get,” he pleaded with Kenyans. 

He can be reached at phone number +254100345800

For contributions Paybill 4116415 Account 3

A medical appeal poster for DJ Krowbar’s wife Wanjiru Karumba


DJ Krowbar

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