Ruto Chases 2 Contractors From Road Project


President William Ruto on Wednesday announced the expulsion of two contractors working on two roads in Western Kenya due to their inability to meet project expectations. 

Speaking at a rally during his developmental tour of the area, Ruto clarified that the first contractor assigned to the Cianda Road project had been dismissed due to delays and a lack of project advancement.

The Head of State further revealed that the second contractor responsible for the Lurambi-Nambacha road project was also relieved of their duties due to their failure to fulfil their obligations and frustrating government officials entrusted with project oversight.

“Mimi na huyu Wangwe tulianzisha barabara ya kutoka huko Cianda. Lakini contractor mwingine amekwama hapo katikati. Huyo contractor nitamfanyia mambo.”

President William Ruto launching the construction of the 20.8-kilometre Mago-Mululu-Wangulu and Lusui-Vokoli roads in Vihiga County on August 29, 2023.


“Tena kuna barabara ingine ilikuja ikakwama ya kutoka huko chini Lurambi kupitia Navakholo mpaka Nambacha…Nilikuwa huko Sang’alo juzi. Hiyo barabara pia, huyo contactor alikuwa anatusumbua nishamfanyia mambo. Nimemfukuza.”

President William Ruto’s sentiments can be loosely translated to mean;

“Together with Wangwe (Emmanuel Wangwe – Navakholo Member of Parliament) we started this road from Cianda but the contractor has failed to meet project expectations and I will address the situation accordingly,”

 “Then there is another road stretching from Lurambi through Navakholo to Nambacha. I was in Sang’alo two days ago. That road has also stalled. The contractor has proved to be problematic and I have chased him away,

The President affirmed that in one week’s time, he will announce a fresh tendering process for one of the roads.

“This will be done so that I can bring someone who can do that job. In one year we will have finished that road,” he promised the residents.

On June 15, Ruto pulled a similar move in Machakos when he chased a contractor from a Ksh500 million project.

“My government is also implementing a Ksh500 million water project in Mwala. The contractor has disturbed us, we have chased him. We are looking for another contractor so that we are able to get enough water in Kenya,” he stated. 

President William Ruto addressing Machakos residents on Friday, April 14, 2023.



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