Global Firm Helps Kenya After Cancelling Ksh3.7 Billion Deal

Global Fund on Saturday continued with its efforts to help Kenya adhere to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommendation of conducting mass  Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) distribution campaigns every three years. 

The organisation has continued partnering with Kenya despite cancelling a Ksh3.7 billion LLINs tender in April this year over irregular procurement. 

Global Fund while cancelling the tender, accused Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) of skewed procurement and choosing to favour one of the bidders. 

Despite cancelling the tender, Global Fund in partnership with various Ministry of Health agencies, conducted training of National Trainers of Trainers (ToTs) for the Mass LLINs Distribution Campaign 2023/24, set to kick off in November 2023. 

Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) facility in Nairobi on May 10, 2023.



“Our Multi-Agency National Trainers will equip counties and sub-counties with the skills for effective microplanning, household registration, and net distribution,” a statement from the Ministry of Health read in part. 

Global Fund will help Kenya in its campaign that will harness digitisation to mitigate risks and boost efficiency. 

“This training paves the way for a series of activities leading to the distribution of approximately 18 million nets across 28 high-risk counties,” the Ministry of Health stated. 

The LLIN scandal

While appearing before the Senate’s Health Committee in July this year, Global Fund Project Manager, Stephen Muiruri raised concerns about possible fraudulent activities involving local suppliers in the tender process initiated by KEMSA, which was intended to be 97 per cent funded by Global Fund.

The company reported that a China-based company, the sole qualified company for the tender, was excluded from consideration.

 Muiruri also revealed that the government incurred a loss of Ksh100 million as a result of the tender’s cancellation.

The Global Fund took over the procurement process and initiated a fresh round through its internal bidding portal, excluding the national government from participation. 

The distribution of 12 million LLINs is anticipated to commence in November, covering 23 counties.

Global Fund in partnership with Swiss Medic hosting Heads of National Regulatory Authorities from seven African countries including Kenya on July 17, 2023.


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