How to Protect Your Car’s Leather Seat Covers


Leather serves as a primary material in various components of vehicle interiors, such as seats, dashboards, steering wheels, armrests, headrests, and roof linings.

As vehicles are used over time, leather components may undergo wear and tear, leading drivers to contemplate replacements or the use of alternative materials.

The primary contributor to leather damage in car interiors is often prolonged exposure to sunlight and heat.

Cars parked under a car shade in an estate in Nairobi County.



In this piece,  explains some of the ways you can protect the leather seats in your car from damage.

Shade Parking 

Protecting the interior leather from heat damage can be achieved by parking in covered areas such as open car parking spaces within buildings or under car parking shades. 

Another option is parking beneath trees, but it’s important to ensure the selected tree doesn’t have weak branches that might pose a risk during windy weather conditions.


Another way to protect your car seats from the scorching sun is using sunshades.

Sunshades, typically made of reflective silver material, are placed under the windscreen or on the interior windows. The shiny silver surface reflects heat away, rather than absorbing it, effectively preventing the car from overheating.

Sunshades are preferred by most motorists for their cost-effectiveness. A quality sunshade can often be acquired for starting from Ksh900 depending on the dealer.

A photo of a sunshade used to protect car parts from direct sunlight.


Regular Cleaning 

Cleaning leather can effectively preserve its quality and appearance. 

Some of the homemade items that are recommended to clean leather seats include a mixture of olive oil and vinegar. When choosing this method, ensure that the olive oil is double the amount of vinegar.

This mixture should be sprayed evenly on the leather surfaces and then wiped off with a dry cloth after five minutes, resulting in well-maintained leather with a glossy finish. 

Alternatively, leather conditioners can be used to ensure the leather remains in good condition for an extended period.


Motorists can enhance ventilation in their cars by simply lowering the windows while driving. 

Additionally, lowering the vehicle while parked can help maintain comfortable interior temperatures and improve overall airflow.



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