3 Kenyan Women Arrested After Thailand Airport X-Ray Reveals Drugs in Their Stomachs

Three Kenyan women were arrested in Thailand on Tuesday, August 5, for attempting to smuggle 2,857 grams of cocaine into the Asian country by ingesting the drugs in small satchels. 

According to a report by Phuket News, which first broke the story, the three women aged 26, 26, and 34 were apprehended by Sakhu Police at Phuket International Airport on Sunday, September 3, carrying approximately 472 grams of cocaine. 

The arrest followed a tip-off from the Office of The Narcotics Control Board (ONCB), who suspected them of drug smuggling. 

The women, were placed under arrest on Tuesday, after officers waited for three days for the women to excrete the drugs.

The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport departures section.



“Officers from Saku Police joined officers from the ONCB and the Airport Interdiction Taskforce (AITF) in apprehending the women but found no drugs on them or the luggage,” read the report.

After X-rays at Thalang Hospital confirmed the presence of drug-filled satchels in the women’s bodies, they were returned to Phuket Airport Customs and detained until they expelled all the satchels.

Following the X-Ray, the satchels were found to contain cocaine. 

Despite their detention and questioning, the women refused to cooperate with the authorities.

Subsequently, all three women were charged with smuggling Category 2 Narcotics into the country and illegal possession of a Category 2 Narcotic, both offenses under the Asian country’s Narcotics Control Act. 

They are currently being held at Saku police station in Thailand, awaiting further interrogation.

By the time of publishing this piece, Kenyan authorities were yet to respond to the matter.

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