Dennis Itumbi Reveals Details of Phone Call With Uhuru Over Ruto


Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi on Friday recalled a phone call conversation he had with former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Itumbi, who spoke on Friday in an interview on TV47’s WabebeXP, alleged that Uhuru called him out for supporting the current head of state, William Ruto and threatened to ‘crush him’. 

According to the journalist and Ruto’s confidant, the phone call in 2018 caught Itumbi off guard, further disturbing his peace and well-being. 

Uhuru reportedly wanted him to stop associating with Ruto and cease visiting the DP’s residence in Karen and the Harambee Annex office. 

Dennis Itumbi shakes President William Ruto’s hand after taking his oath of office as Chief Administrative Secretary on March 23, 2023.


Dennis Itumbi

Itumbi, who had just left a funeral in Mwea, Kirinyaga County, parked his car by the roadside to speak with Uhuru, who had just entered into a gentleman’s agreement with the opposition leader, Raila Odinga, in what is famously referred to as the handshake. 

“He told me to let the phone remain on hold. I was still in Mwea, where I had parked the car for 10 minutes. He spoke again when I was in Pangani and told me he would crash me,” Itumbi claimed, adding that Uhuru sought clarification on why he supported Ruto rather than the government’s agenda.

Itumbi voiced his concerns and sought an explanation from the president on why he should not support Ruto.

“From the first time we spoke in Mwea, and the time we spoke in Pangani, his demeanour had changed,” Itumbi told Willis Raburu, TV47 journalist and WabebeXP host. 

Upon arriving in Nairobi, the digital strategist allegedly headed straight into Ruto’s office to ascertain whether he had fallen out of favour with Uhuru. 

Ruto, however, asserted that he was still in communication with Uhuru and deviated from further divulging any information that would have jeopardised his relationship with the head of state. 

However, their relationship soured a few months later as their fallout became more evident.

After insisting on working with Ruto, Itumbi was dismissed from his job at State House. Nonetheless, he would still engage in a conversation with the former president. 

“The person who stopped communicating is Uhuru.  Since he was the president and I was just a guy in this town trying to make a living, it was up to him to give me a call should he have decided to. 

“Unlike Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah, I have not blocked him. If he calls, I will pick up but I am not desperate,” he stated.

Uhuru is yet to comment on the claims made by the digital strategist.

Rejecting State House Car

During the interview, the digital strategist added that he rejected a car and bodyguard offered by Uhuru while still working at the State House.

Itumbi alleged that he was entitled to the benefits owing to his senior rank in Uhuru’s defunct communication team. However, he believed that his life wasn’t at risk, as he did not have any enemies requiring him to have a bodyguard.

The digital strategist added that he also wanted to maintain his private life without being monitored.

“I did not want to be chasing after a girl then I have security after me. I also felt that I did not have enemies,” he stated.

An image of Dennis Itumbi (centre) with former President Uhuru Kenyatta (centre right) during a past event at State House


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