KFS Announces Interviews for 4,000 Kenyans to Work in Green Army Program

The Kenya Forest Service (KFS) on Sunday announced that it is currently in the process of interviewing 4,000 Kenyans for the Green Army Program. 

This program aligns with President William Ruto’s agenda to achieve a 30% forest cover by 2023

Under this initiative, the selected young Kenyans will be tasked with planting 15 billion seedlings within a span of ten years. 

To this end, the Green Army will be expected to plant and nurture 1.5 billion seedlings annually.

Kenya Forestry Service officers during a tree planting exercise.



“Applications were received and interviews are expected to be conducted on a day to be announced in the coming weeks,” KFS announced, clarifying no new applications would be made.

Once the successful candidates are enlisted, they will be enrolled as nursery workers working under the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

The nursery workers will assist in the national tree growing and ecosystem restoration program by raising tree seedlings, and planting trees, silvicultural operations in forests among other forestry duties.

To ensure that the seedlings planted by the Green Army do not wither, KFC has announced that it will implement a comprehensive set of measures to ensure the survival of the planted trees.

“These measures include regular monitoring, proper watering, protection from pests, and community engagement to foster stewardship,” KFS announced. 

In order to promote the monitoring of trees planted by the Green Army, KFS has come up with a Jaza Miti mobile application that will track trees planted across the country.

During the launch of the 15-billion tree program in December 2022, President William Ruto revealed that the move was geared at reducing greenhouse emissions, stop deforestation, and restore 5.1 million hectares of deforested and degraded landscapes.

According to KFS, a total of 42.4 million seedlings are currently available in nurseries, out of which 22 million seedlings are ready for planting in the current rainy season. 

The first task of the Green Army will be to make sure the over 21 million seedlings are planted in various parts of the country. 

President William Ruto planting a tree during the commissioning of the Thiba dam on October 15, 2022.


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