WHO Reveals Amount of Alcohol Kenyans Consume

Kenyans aged 15 years or more consumed 2.9 litres of alcohol on average in 2019, data published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) shows.

The breakdown of alcohol consumption during that year included an average of 0.81 litres of beer, 0.81 litres of spirits, 0.04 litres of wine, and 0.03 litres of other types of alcohol.

Although Kenya’s alcohol consumption level was relatively high at 2.9 litres per capita in 2019, drinking in Kenya paled in comparison to Uganda, where citizens consumed an average of 12.2 litres.

Tanzanians on the other hand drank an average of 10.4 litres, Burundians consumed an average of 4.1 litres, while Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) citizens gobbled up 2.1 litres on average.

Screengrab image of an alcohol brewing site at a Mansion in Kikuyu shut down by police on Tuesday, April 25, 2023.



Rwanda reported 1.9 litres on average.

Ugandans were not just the heaviest drinkers in the East African region; they were also ranked top in the continent, consuming an average of 12.2 litres of alcohol per capita in 2019.

Seychelles followed closely behind, with its citizens consuming an average of 12.0 litres.

The report shows that Tanzanians drank an average of 10.4 litres, while Cameroon and Burkina Faso recorded 10.1 litres and 9.8 litres, respectively.

South Africa, although lower in comparison, reported an average of 8.8 litres.

Among the countries with the highest alcohol consumption levels in the world, Romania recorded an average of 17.0 litres of alcohol per capita in 2019.

Georgia followed closely at 14.3 litres, while Czechia reported an average of 13.3 litres. Latvia was ranked fourth globally with 13.1 litres per capita.

Uganda maintained a significant presence on the global stage, with an average consumption of 12.2 litres, the same consumption rate as Germany.

In the ongoing effort to combat alcoholism, the government is intensifying its crackdown on the sale of illicit brews and the consumption of alcohol outside legally approved hours.

To this end, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is leading a focused campaign in the Mt Kenya region.

According to the latest data from the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA), approximately 1 in every 8 Kenyans aged 15 to 65, totalling 3,199,119 people, is a consumer of alcohol.

NACADA Chairperson Stephen Kiptoem Mairori addressing the press on September 8, 2023.



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