Kindiki to Revamp All Chiefs Offices With TV Screens and Posh Funiture


All Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs will be granted modern offices furnished with television screens and comfortable furniture following a directive issued by Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki.

Speaking during the commissioning of Biashara Location Chief’s office in Thika Town on Monday, Kindiki noted that the government has embarked on standardising the infrastructure for administrative officers across the country to ensure uniformity in the delivery of public services and streamline operations.

The CS added that the construction of the new offices will be guided by a new code adopted by the government.

All administrative officers from the Regional Commissioners down to the Assistant Chiefs are earmarked to benefit from the drive.

A photo of Interior CS Kithure Kindiki during a meeting with security and local administration officials in Mandera County on Thursday, July 6, 2023.


Kithure Kindiki

“Gone are the days when chiefs and assistant chiefs used to serve the public from under trees. Gone are the days when government offices were mud-walled and dilapidated structures,” stated the CS. 

“We must move and modernize our service delivery to make sure that our national government administration officers serve members of the public in a dignified and good environment.”

Kindiki added that the code prescribes a spacious waiting area equipped with comfortable furniture and other utilities, key among them television screens.

With the new utility, the officers will be expected to display the standard Service Charter to ensure members of the public are adequately informed on their rights.

The changes are part of the government’s move to tame solicitation of bribes and other frustrations that have characterized the department in the past.

“We will make sure that the facilities provide a dignified environment for people to receive services,” he added.

“We have directed that our administrators must display service chatters in the waiting area where members of the public can be able to understand all the various types of services offered by their offices.”

According to the CS, the government will facilitate translation of the Service Charter to local language where possible to ensure honesty and transparency.

Further, the CS announced that plans are underway to subject the administrators to performance contracts as part of the government’s efforts to optimize service delivery in the department.

Interior Cabinet Secreatry Kithure Kindiki addressing the media outside Nyayo House on September 1, 2023.


Kithure Kindiki


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