Nairobi County to Eject Tenants as Crackdown on Unsafe Buildings Start

Nairobi residents living in buildings at risk of collapsing will soon be forced to move following a directive from Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja.

Sakaja on Monday revealed there were numerous buildings in the city that were not up to standards and as El Nino approaches some will have to move.

While unveiling the Nairobi City County El Nino Preparedness Plan 2023, Sakaja explained the directive was informed by the report from the Ministry of Lands on unsafe buildings in the city.

“One of the actions we will take on some of those buildings that cannot be brought up to standards is moving people during this people,” he stated.

A screengrab of a collapsed seven-storey building at Seasons area in Kasarani, Nairobi on Tuesday, November 15, 2022.


Sakaja urged the contractors, building owners, and engineers to avoid cutting corners in the construction of houses across the city.

“Do not try to save Ksh200,000 or Ksh1 million while using cheap materials and end up losing your Ksh50 million building,” he advised.

He suggested that those found guilty of professional negligence which results in casualties should be held culpable.

Sakaja further remarked that due to the increasing population in the county, there has been less time to plan for the construction of quality living spaces for the locals.

Meanwhile, another measure taken by the County Government in preparation for El Nino is unclogging all the drainages in the city to ensure no flooding.

“We must admit that there have been failures to maintain our drainages as required,” he stated.

To assist in this, the county government has hired 3,500 environmental officers to hasten the exercise as the El Nino is expected to begin in October to December.

Sakaja also warned all those who have encroached on river reserves which often results in flooding, especially during the heavy rainy seasons. He directed the immediate removal of all structures constructed near the river reserves and drainages. 

He informed the locals that in the coming days, he will publish areas to avoid once the rains begin as well as a number to contact in case of emergencies.

A photo of floods at Nyayo roundabout, Nairobi



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