6 Children Break Out of Remand

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Tuesday launched a manhunt for six children who broke out of legal custody in Malindi, Kilifi County. 

In a statement sent to newsrooms by National Police Service Spokesperson, Dr. Resila Onyango, the six minors had been remanded at Malindi Children’s Remand Centre when they escaped.

According to the police report, the jailbreak occurred around midnight on Monday when the children were expected to have been asleep awaiting trial at the Malindi Criminal Court.

“Police officers from the station visited the scene and established that the juveniles broke the ceiling and roof from the inside  of one of their dormitories and jumped over the fence,” the police statement read in parts.

A photo of the Court Bench


The Judiciary of Kenya

The six children had been brought from different stations within Kilifi County, and were expected to stand trial before Malindi Magistrate Criminal Court.

The first child had been brought from Vitengeni Police Station, and charged with offence of stock theft.

Meanwhile, the second minor was from Malindi Police Station and was charged with threatening peace.

The third minor had been brought to Malindi Children’s Remand Centre from Malindi Police Station, and was expected to stand trial for the offence of causing grievous harm. 

The fourth child had been charged with the offence of robbery with violence and was ferried from Malindi Police Station to Malindi Children’s Remand Centre.

In the same vein,  the fifth child was charged with the offence of stealing, and had been brought from Kijipwa Police Station.

The last child had been brought from Kilifi Police Station to Malindi Children’s Remand Centre, awaiting trail for the offence of burglary.

“The escape occurred between midnight and half past midnight, while at Malindi Children’s Remand Centre, which is under the Department of Children Services,” the statement read in parts.

The police are appealing to members of the public with information that could lead to the arrest of the minors to share with them. 

Police officers during an operation in Nairobi in February 2021.



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