Father Moses Kuria? CS Narrates His Childhood Dream of Becoming a Priest


Before some politicians tossed their hats into the field, they had other dreams and career paths.

Some have narrated their lives as teachers, doctors, bankers, farmers, and journalists among a long list of careers.

But who could have thought that Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria wanted to be a Priest? He served as a banker before joining politics during the late President Mwai Kibaki’s tenure.

During an interview on Kameme FM, the CS revealed banking was not his first love.

Trade and Industry CS Moses Kuria speaks at the Qatar Economic Forum in Doha, Qatar, on May 24, 2023.


Moses Kuria

The CS wanted to be a priest and play the role of saving souls and redirecting all the lost ‘sheep’ to God. According to Kuria, this desire was strongest after completing primary school and joining Thika High School.

“I was to be a priest and if that would have been the case Kenya would be a holy country, everyone would be saved,” he stated.

Kuria recounted how some of the people he served with in church are now priests. He also recalled serving in church where he used to play the kayamba and sing in the choir.

His desire however faded as he progressed with his high school education. Kuria revealed he had some issues with the teachers and school management.

“In form three I had some dreadlocks, and my mother was always complaining. One of the most feared teachers ordered me to shave them which I did,” he stated.

Post-high school, Kuria pursued a degree at the University of Nairobi (UoN). 

At UoN, Kuria pursued a degree in Commerce, Accounting, and Finance. He combined both Mathematics and Kiswahili earning him the nickname MK.

According to Kuria, his career was influenced by his mother who objected to his desire to become a lawyer.

“Most people assume I am called MK because of my name but it’s because I studied Mathematics and Kiswahili in Economics while in university,” he stated.

A photo of the entrance to The University of Nairobi.


The University of Nairobi

After graduating in 1993, Kuria was lucky to get a job at various local banks between 1994-1999 earning between Ksh200,000 and Ksh300,000 at the young age of 28.

Kuria also recalled how his expertise got him an opportunity to work for a top bank in Saudi Arabia in 1999 which offered him USD 7,500.

“When I got the money, I went to the showroom and got myself a car. A 28-year-old driving a Lexus GS3 100,” he narrated.

The CS was enticed by the job and perks in Saudi Arabia and what was supposed to be a one-year contract was extended to 2007. While still in Saudi Arabia, he formed a consultancy firm with a few friends to offer services to more banks.

Since 2007 Kuria served in various government positions from MP to consultant before his latest appointment as CS in 2022.

Cabinet Secretaries attend Madaraka Day Celebrations at Embu Stadium on Thursday, June 1, 2023.



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