Stunning Shots of Completed Ksh6 Billion Buxton Estate

In May 2021, former President Uhuru Kenyatta outmanoeuvred court cases to successfully launch the first phase of Buxton Estate, a project valued at Ksh6 million and aimed at according Mombasa residents decent living spaces.

Now, the first batch of 584 families is expected to occupy the first completed units.

A statement shared with on Thursday indicated that homeowners will start occupying the Sh6 billion Buxton Point project on Saturday, September 16.

The developer GulfCap Real Estate became the first to deliver on the project under partnership with the national government.

The Buxton Estate in Mombasa.


“We are proud to be the first private developer in partnership with the government to hand over an affordable housing project of this magnitude in Kenya,” stated GulfCap Real Estate CEO Chris Ochieng

This achievement underscores our dedication to making quality housing accessible to all, improving the quality of life for countless individuals and families.”

The houses boast of a white exterior intermittent with polished stone and interspersed with Clearstory windows on the ground sliding windows on the other floors.

The homeowners will benefit from an array of activities among them swimming and other sports like basketball.

The developer further noted that a dedicated lifestyle manager will be employed to assist homeowners enroll into different lifestyle clubs.

The lifestyle clubs include Basketball club, soccer club, swimming club, indoor sports club, gym, aerobics, yoga, walking warriors club, book club, music club, and bible and Quran study clubs among others.

“To contribute to the cascading effect of the project and spice up its outlook, Phase 2 will involve the construction of 16 floors that will provide our clients with a fascinating sea view from their apartments and appreciate the beauty of Mombasa,” Ochieng stated.

The Buxton Estate in Mombasa


The Buxton Estate in Mombasa.


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