Why Eric Omondi Prefers Prison to Settling Ksh10,000 Fine


Activist and entertainer Eric Omondi has revealed that he was hellbent on going to prison instead of settling the alternative fine imposed on him and his co-accused.

Speaking outside the Milimani Law Courts on Friday, the comedian noted that he seriously considered serving the 30-day sentenced arguing that he would benefit from the free food and other essential benefits offered in prison.

Omondi noted that he was moved to settle the Ksh170,000 after a lengthy meeting with his lawyers where concerns from family members of his co-accused were brought to his attention.

“We have paid ksh 10,000 each but initially, I refused to pay the amount totaling ksh 170,000,” Omondi stated.

A photo collage of Eric Omondi in the company of other activists during a protest along Parliament Road on Tuesday, February 21, 2023.

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The comedian further argued that the hefty fine could have been wisely instrumental in helping needy children in children’s homes and other subordinate members of society. 

“I initially refused to pay the amount and decided I would go to prison so that the money could help the (needy) children. I was ready to go to jail and eat government food there. After a lengthy meeting, however, we came to a consensus to pay the amount and now we are free.”

The comedian also opened up on four pending charges in court, stating that despite the charges, he would continue fighting for revolution in the country.

The comedian also slammed President William Ruto for failing to fulfill his campaign promises even after serving for a year in the office.

He, therefore, vowed to stage an anti-government protest on Tuesday, September 19 and called on all young people to gather in front of the Parliament buildings to express their concerns.

Eric Omondi was on Friday sentenced to one-month imprisonment or an alternative of a Ksh 10,000 fine after pleading guilty to taking part in the unlawful assembly.

The comedian, alongside 15 others, was sentenced to prison for creating a disturbance outside Parliament buildings where he held demonstrations over the high cost of living.

Omondi and his crew were arrested on February 22, 2023.

The protesters wanted the Parliament to pass legislation combating the rising inflation, which has placed millions of Kenyans on the verge of starvation due to hike in food prices.

Comedian Eric Omondi poses for a photo in 2019



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