Azimio Issues Demands Over Maina Njenga’s Abduction


The Azimio Coalition on Sunday called for the immediate release of former Mungiki Leader Maina Njenga who was allegedly abducted last night.

In a press statement, Azimio observed that the whereabouts of Maina Njenga remain unknown. 

The political formation claimed that Njenga’s abductors were armed. Azimio Coalition also revealed the kidnappers had concealed their faces and were driving Subarus.

Additionally, the coalition revealed that Njenga’s family is still in the dark about his whereabouts.

Former Mungiki Leader Maina Njenga.


Maina Njenga

“The information we have suggests that the abductors did not identify themselves, nor did they state that he was under arrest,” the statement read in part.

“All indications point to this being an operation carried out by rogue police.”

Azimio revealed that there was a likelihood that Njenga was arrested by the Special Support Unit.

While condemning the abduction, Azimio demanded his immediate and unconditional release or his production in court.

“We want to make it clear that we will hold the Inspector General of Police fully accountable for Maina’s life should anything happen to him,” Azimio warned.

The Raila Odinga-led party further revealed that there was a growing trend of leaders with a dissenting political opinion to the ruling party being harassed or in some instances being abducted.

According to Azimio, this was a tactic used by the government to make opposition politicians toe the line.

Reading mischief in the arrest, Azimio remarked that an ongoing case where Njenga was released on bond could have led to the abduction.

“Kenyans need to understand that Maina is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow for a pre-trial, and this arrest is clearly an attempt to interfere with that scheduled pre-trial,” Azimio stated. 

Maina was released on a Ksh200,000 by Makadara Law Courts on July 25, after he was charged with planning anti-government protests. 

Ex-Mungiki leader Maina Njenga was escorted by police officers at the Nakuru Law Courts on Wednesday, May 24, 2023.


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