Contractor Exhumes 33 Bodies Along Mau Summit Road After Court Order

A total of 33 graves have been exhumed to pave the way for the construction of the 22-kilometer Mau Summit Road in Gitithia Village in Lari, Kiambu County.

The process, which was stalled last year following inadequate funds, resumed after the contractor obtained a court order giving leeway for the exhumation process to continue.

According to the contractor, a total of five graves were exhumed last year prior to the halting of the process. Ever since, 21 graves have been exhumed with 12 others underway.

“When we were given these pieces of land, we had no idea that the roads would eat up some of the parcels.” one of the affected kin lamented.

A kin in Gituthia village carrying a body exhumed from a grave

The process of exhumation rekindled old memories for the kin who now demand ksh50,000 per grave as compensation.

The kin argued that the government had initially vowed to refund them the Ksh50,000 they used during exhumation, funds which they are yet to receive.

“The process began last year but they told us to prepare. They didn’t give us anything,” said another family member.

“The contractor has really tried to receive support from the government to aid the families to exhume the bodies but each family is expected to spend ksh50,000 in the process of exhumation.”

“We have 38 graves at Mau Mau lot 1A. Last year, we relocated five graves and now, we are in the process of relocating 33,” noted David Mutava, a social and health officer assigned to the project.

The health officer noted that the court order was obtained last year during Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime.

According to the officials, the relocation of the graves and the underground pipes would ease the challenges faced by the contractor during the construction process.

The 22-km stretch is set to link Kiambu and Nakuru counties in Mahi Mahiu.

Picture of cemetery


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