Govt Introduces 2 Exams for Kenyan Nurses Traveling to Saudi Arabia

The government through the National Employment Authority (NEA) has set out two compulsory exams for Kenyan nurses seeking to work in Saudi Arabia.

NEA announced the new requirements on Sunday during a preparatory meeting between Kenyan delegates and representatives from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

The meeting was necessitated by Saudi Arabia’s interest in recruiting additional healthcare workers from Kenya with special preference in the field of nursing

“Kenyan Nurses will undergo a comprehensive written exam, setting the stage for their journey towards exciting opportunities in KSA,” the Employment Authority announced. 

Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria and his Saudi Arabia Counterpart Khalid Al Falih and CS Florence Bore at a meeting on July 12, 2023.


Moses Kuria

All interested nursing candidates seeking to work in the Gulf country must pass the interview.

Those who will pass the comprehensive written exam will be subjected to an oratory proficiency test.

“Kenyan Nurses will then be guided through an oral interview ensuring that the best talent finds its way to the Kingdom’s healthcare sector,” NEA stated.

The oral exam will be conducted by a Saudi interviewing panel according to NEA.

The meeting to discuss modalities of engagement was led by NEA Acting Director General Edith Okoki.

According to the Ministry of Labour, Kenyans working as nurses in Saudi Arabia under the arrangement earn Ksh 180,500 per month. 

Other benefits for Kenyan healthcare workers in Saudi Arabia include round-trip air tickets, 35 paid vacation days, housing, meals, insurance, and transport.

Apart from KSA, Kenya has a bilateral agreement on health partnership with the United Kingdom.

Kenya signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the UK in 2021 where 20,000 Kenyan nurses will be sent to work in UK hospitals.

A photo of Kenyan nurses dancing


Nursing Council of Kenya

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