My Abductors Gave Me Ksh2,000 For Motorbike After Release – Maina Njenga


Former Mungki leader Maina Njenga has spoken after his alleged abduction by unknown individuals who took him from his home.

While addressing the press on Monday, Maina revealed that he was released late at night by the abductors who had taken him to a place in Naivasha.

When the abductors released him Sunday evening, Maina revealed they gave him Ksh2,000 to get a bodaboda (motorbike) home.

“We got into the car to head home, about two hours later they stopped and told me to find my way home. They gave me Ksh2,000 for a motorbike,” he stated.

Ex-Mungiki leader Maina Njenga at the Nakuru Law Courts on Wednesday, May 24, 2023.


Raphael Munge

According to Maina, the abductors told him to call and confirm he had gotten home safely since it was late at night around 10 pm.

Maina opined that the abduction was politically related emphasising that Kenyans should be allowed to support whoever they please.

He also detailed the intrigues of the abduction explaining that he was blindfolded and forced into a vehicle on Saturday.

The vehicle was being driven at a fast speed and after two hours, he was transferred to another vehicle while still being blindfolded and tied up.

“We got to the house and they led me up the stairs up to the sixth floor and then go to a tiny room with a mattress and dimly lit, this is unimaginable torture,” he stated.

Maina condemned the behaviour adding that Kenya was out of the Nyayo-era where Kenyans would be bundled up in vehicles and taken to unknown places to be tortured.

He empasised he knew who had abducted him suggesting they were police officers disguising themselves with masks and balaclavas.

“When you are arrested you should be taken to a police station where your family can come visit not be taken to unknown houses for torture and interrogation,” he remarked.

The former leader called upon the relevant officials to look into the matter and hold all those found guilty culpable.

He emphasised that he would continue to fight for the rights of Kenyans amidst the tough economic crisis. Maina has been a support of opposition leader Raila Odinga who has championed for lower food prices.

Raila addressing part of the demonstrators on Monday, March 20, 2023.


Raila Odinga


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