Pauline Njoroge Alleges Itumbi Coaching UDA MPs For Media Interviews

Azimio blogger and government critic Pauline Njoroge has laid accusations against Kenya Kwanza digital strategist Dennis Itumbi of guiding MPs on what they should say when going for media interviews.

In a document shared by Pauline Njoroge, she stated that Itumbi was coaching MPs to talk to media interviews in a certain way to quell the growing anger among the public due to the rising cost of fuel.

According to Pauline, the Kenya Kwanza government says the price of crude oil has risen to $90 up from 80$ per barrel, a global factor that has caused the rise of fuel locally contrary to what they had said during the Uhuru Kenyatta regime.

She further stated that the price of crude oil during Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration was $114 per barrel at the onset of the Russian-Ulraine war, a price higher than the current.

Deputy Organising Secretary for Jubilee Party Pauline Njoroge on May 22, 2023.


Pauline Njoroge

In the document posted by Pauline, the Russian-Ukraine war has also constrained supplies due to the international sanctions on oil in Russia.

According to the document, the ongoing maintenance of the majority of refineries around the world has also caused a reduced supply of oil.

The document further listed a number of current trends that according to them have led to the high cost of living stating that fuel prices were on a high uniformly in most countries around the world hitting past the 200 mark.

It also listed what the government was doing to address the situation referring to the Ksh 1.9 billion kitty the government had released which they called price stabilisation.

Additionally, it stated that the government had renegotiated prices under the kitty arrangement to have a discount on fuel prices that would see people buy at 6 shillings less.

In the document, a number of reasons were also listed to justify the energy crisis including the inability of the country to control global fuel prices and limited supply globally.

It further states that the usage of oil products for energy is one of the biggest causes of climate change and that amidst the push for clean energy, oil prices will increase further because they attract carbon penalties.

Itumbi also states that Kenya has to harness smart energy arguing that more than 90 per cent of the national grid is powered by green energy sources. 

Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi


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