Tiktok’s Sueh Owino: Why I Cooked Meal for Husband for 29 Hours

For avid social media users, you may have come across a video of a middle aged woman preparing a meal for her husband using traditional methods, which lasted for over 29 hours.

Sueh Owino, who recorded herself preparing the meal by cooking by the fire pit and marinating the meat for over 24 hours,  has since received praises over her culinary expertise. The popular social media influencer opted to use the  pit barbecue which was widely used during the ancient times.

By the time of publishing this piece, the video had garnered over 700,000 views on TikTok,  over 3,700 comments and over 1,600 shares. The video has also been shared across other platforms by fellow content creators.

In an interview with Kenyans.co.ke, Owino said that she thought of creating the video as a way to appreciate her husband who is fond of buying her gifts.

A photo collage of content creator Sueh Owino using the pit barbecue method to cook for her family.


Sueh Owino

“I wanted to make my husband feel special I have always thought of ways of making him feel special. And before that day he had bought me a new iPhone and asked him what he wanted so he said something organic which prompted me to get creative,” she stated.

She indicated that this was not the first time that her videos were getting such high views, but was surprised by the reaction that the recent video got.

A spot-check across her Tiktok platform revealed that her videos on average receive 220,000 plus video views, with her content ranging from meal plans and her family lifestyle.

As a result, the content creator has received multiple offers based on her culinary expertise. However, she did not reveal further details of the said contracts.

Owino, who studied maritime services in university, said that her experience is based on her passion for farming combined with content creation.

“I am a farmer, a meal plan curator and recently a content creator,” she added.

The content creator advised youth to carve a specific niche for themselves when creating content, which will allow consumers to interact with their content and hence become a loyal audience.

“They do as many videos as possible and from each video they learn and improve for the next videos, always be creative even if you have a small niche,” she reiterated.

Owino’s Video

The video began with Owino slicing up and seasoning a goat leg before marinating it for 24 hours. The following day, she dug up a small portion of her garden and created a fireplace using firewood, bricks, spade and ashes.

Further, she took out the marinated goat leg, wrapped it up in banana leaves, added foil paper and placed it into the fireplace, before covering it up with more foil paper and then adding soil.

After five hours, Owino pulled out the cooked meat from the fireplace and tore the flesh from the bone to have a taste. Thereafter, she served the meat to her family.

A photo of Tiktok content creator Sueh Owino, pictured on February 14, 2023.


Sueh Owino

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