Kericho Man Dies After Taking Herbal Medicine Prepared by Form 3 Student

Police in Kericho have launched investigations into an incident in which a man died after consuming herbal medicine prescribed by a Form 3 student. 

According to reports, the deceased had complained of abdominal pains, restlessness and vomiting for over six hours  before succumbing.

To uncover the exact cause of the man’s untimely demise, law enforcement officers have pitched tent at the deceased’s residence to gather additional evidence.

Photo of Londiani Sub-county Hospital


Londiani Sub-county Hospital

According to police reports, one person is currently in recovery as a result of the same incident. 

The survivor managed to recover after receiving immediate medical attention, including hydration with water, and being promptly taken to the nearest clinic. 

Confirming the incident to journalists at the hospital, clinical officer Justus Mosera noted that the patient had extremely low blood pressure upon admission, which was stabilised through the administration of saline water. 

Further, a subsequent blood test conducted by doctors revealed presence of bacteria in the collected samples.

Due to the patient’s condition, he has been admitted to Londiani Sub-County Hospital for specialised treatment.

Although the abdominal pains persist, the attending officer remains hopeful that the patient will recover soon.

The student who prescribed the drugs for a fee of Ksh 100 fled the scene when authorities were alerted of the incident, and his whereabouts are currently unknown. 

However, it has been established that he is a student at a popular secondary school in the region.

The victims were exhibiting symptoms resembling malaria, which led them to consume a concoction made from indigenous tree roots. 

The deceased was 18 years old, while his surviving friend is 17 years old.

A doctor checking a patient’s blood pressure.



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