Fancy Amenities Nairobi Landlords Are Using to Lure Tenants Amid Tough Economic Times

As house prices rise, landlords and developers are going the extra mile to attract more tenants by providing more than just a basic apartment with essential amenities. 

With global real estate players entering the Kenyan market, landlords are now aiming to create a welcoming and value-for-money living experience.

To enhance the appeal and offer a touch of luxury, landlords have introduced additional features to their apartments. 

These include amenities such as elevators, restaurants, saunas, swimming pools, play areas, and jogging tracks.

Inside some of the apartments at the Business Bay Square Mall in Eastleigh Nairobi

BBS Mall Nairobi

Luxury amenities like elevators, fully equipped gyms, and saunas were once exclusive to high-end hotels. 

However, as per the National Building Code of Kenya, any building exceeding six storeys must have at least one passenger lift. 

The elevator should incorporate essential safety features, including emergency stop buttons, interlocks, and automatic shut-off switches.

“Where an owner installs an escalator in a building, the owner shall ensure that a staircase is also constructed in the building,” reads part of the guidelines.

Certain landlords have taken additional measures to ensure tenant safety by employing security personnel with military training.

To counter the frequent Nairobi blackouts, some have installed reliable generators capable of powering the entire building during outages.

In gated apartment complexes, you’ll often find well-maintained lawns and attractive focal points like decorative fountains.

Moreover, some Nairobi apartments offer the convenience of a fully equipped laundry room, reducing the need for tenants to hang their clothes outside, a common sight in many rentals in the city.

These houses vary in size, offering options from one to four bedrooms, with rental rates beginning at a modest Ksh18,000, contingent on both size and location.

Notably, there has been a recent surge in fully furnished apartments within the county, enabling tenants to simply bring their personal items such as clothing.

According to a 2021 report by Cytonn Investments, there has been a rising demand for serviced apartments.

A fitness centre inside MV World Odyssey


Semester at Sea

Serviced apartments, akin to furnished apartments, offer short-term accommodation, and owners can opt to convert them into furnished apartments if they find the returns unsatisfactory.

“Some service apartments are designed to resemble the culture of some specific areas. They are usually blended to reflect different tastes and preferences as opposed to an ordinary hotel,” read part of the report.

According to the report, the count of serviced apartments in the Nairobi Metropolitan Area saw a notable increase, rising from 3,414 apartments in 2015 to 6,044 apartments in 2021.

These apartments are prominently situated in areas like Westlands, Spring Valley, Kileleshwa, Kilimani, and Upperhill, among others, primarily due to their proximity to the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD), the presence of international organizations such as embassies, and the accessibility of essential amenities like shopping malls.

With the continuous growth in population and technological advancements, the features offered by apartments are expected to evolve in response to evolving customer preferences and demands.

An aerial photo of Westlands, Nairobi County captured by a drone on April 20, 2023.


Moja Expressway

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