DP Gachagua Speaks on CS Kuria Sacking Claims Amid UDA Wrangles


Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has said that the Kenya Kwanza government will not fire Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria following their public spat that revealed simmering differences in the ruling coalition.

Kuria had come under fire in the past week over his remarks on the cost of living indicating that the prices of fuel are likely to go up for the next five months. The remarks prompted DP Gachagua to dismiss him and warn public servants against mocking Kenyans on the high cost of living.

Speaking during the burial of Field Marshall Muthoni wa Kirima on Friday, Gachagua likened his criticism of CS Kuria’s remarks to a father punishing his son out of love.

“There are people who do not wish our community well. We’ve heard rumours of people saying that Moses Kuria and I have differences, and that he should be fired. Those saying that he should be fired, to go where and for what reason?” he posed.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua speaking during the funeral service of lawyer Vincent Kipkoech Mutai (Wakili), son of Kipkelion East MP Joseph Cherorot on September 8, 2023.


“Kuria spoke and I saw that he was out of line and I told him not to do that and say it this way. That’s what a father does.”

He blamed the media for exaggerating the issue and trying to create a rift in the Kenya Kwanza camp.

“The media put a front headline saying Kuria and I have differences, that is far from the truth. We are united more than ever. I mobilised Mt Kenya to vote for Ruto and it worked. My next job is to unite and safeguard the interests of the Mt Kenya community; that’s my job description,” he added.

During his speech, Gachagua also explained the recent fuel hike, saying that it was by global factors that the government could not control. He assured Kenyans that the government is working towards providing a lasting solution to the high cost of living.

“When other people talk about the cost of fuel, I beg that the Mount Kenya community should remain silent on this. This is a global issue,” he said.

“The prices of oil in the Gulf states has increased. We know about how the war in Ukraine has affected the global economy. Let’s be honest, that even if you did a survey across our neighbouring countries, we have the cheapest oil.”

Eulogising Field Marshall, Gachagua noted that he had brought pride back to the name ‘MauMau’ that was previously feared and labelled as an illegal organisation.

“Let me say that this House of Gikuyu and Mumbi remains united as one. I cannot do it alone, only to where God can take me. In the next elections, we cannot be divided as a house. In 2022, 87 per cent went one way while 13 per cent went another way. Let us all agree to speak in one voice because united we stand and divided we fall,” he noted.

“This community is unique, we talk differently but if our interests are threatened, we put our differences aside and speak as one.”

Trade CS Moses Kuria chairing a meeting between AQAC and the line departments in quality standards from Kenya on September 14, 2023.


Moses Kuria


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