Kenyan Kim Musau Explains 9 Month Drive to Europe by Road


Ken Musau, a Kenyan adventurer has accomplished the extraordinary feat of driving from Kenya to the northernmost point of Europe in North Cape, Norway.

In a statement, Musau, who goes by the nickname, AlphaLandRover revealed that he undertook the journey in his Land Rover, which took him approximately 8 months to complete. 

Had he chosen a non-stop flight instead, the voyage would have been a mere 180 hours to cover the 11,887-kilometer distance.

Nonetheless, Musau, who is known to like adventures, chose to travel via road, which in contrast was much more time-consuming and longer.

Kim Musau poses for a photo at the Arctic Circle.


Kim Musau

“We made it to the Northern Cape, the northmost point of mainland Europe. First Kenyan in a Kenyan car, the first of a kind,” Musau celebrated the milestone.

To mark his achievement, Kim Musau hoisted the Kenyan flag in Norway.

In June, while progressing through Spain on his ambitious journey towards Norway, Musau revealed his goal of covering 400,000 kilometers by driving.

According to the intrepid traveler, he managed to accomplish this feat while spending less than Ksh1 million on fuel and car-related services.

In a striking comparison of fuel prices between Kenya and Norway, Musau shared a snapshot of a Northern Cape fuel pump selling petrol at Ksh328 per liter.

As he embarked on this adventure in January, Musau’s original aspiration was to explore 30 European countries.

To get to Europe, Musau had to transverse through South, Central, West and North Africa. 

His dream almost collapsed in June when he was denied entry to Senegal. 

At the time, his entry denial caused a storm back home as Senegal was supposed to be visa-free for Kenyan citizens. 

In the end, he decided to reroute his journey through Guinea Bissau. 

In Europe, the challenges were different compared to Africa. For example, he narrated how he missed the ferry and had to wait for 9 hours at Lofoten Island, Norway. 

Despite all challenges he passed through in the 8 months on the road, Musau remarked the journey was worth it.

“Arriving in the Northern Cape was very emotional. Very! Such a dream for any Overlander and here I am. With an old engine roaring,” he exclaimed. 

He explained that the adventure is not over. The next step is exploring Finland as his European adventure enters homestretch.

Kim Musau attends a Land Rover Club in Germany.


Kim Musau


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