Kenyan Driver Shot Dead And Truck Burnt in South Sudan by Gunmen

A Kenyan truck driver was shot dead and his truck burnt after unknown gunmen attacked him on Saturday in South Sudan.

Tragically, another driver from Burundi lost his life in the same incident, while a third driver sustained serious injuries. 

The victims were transporting supplies provided by UNICEF for children and families to Yei in Central Equatorial State when the assailants carried out the ambush.

“These vehicles, dedicated to serving the needs of the local population, were set ablaze by the rebels, causing significant damage and hampering the crucial delivery of aid,” a Sudanese media house reported.

A photo of children carrying backpacks from UNICEF



Lainya County Commissioner Emmanuel Khamis attributed the attack to a local rebel group that has been causing distress among the local population. 

He urged the group to redirect their actions away from targeting foreigners, innocent civilians, and humanitarian organizations.

According to the County Commissioner, the focus of the group should solely be on engaging with the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF). 

UNICEF also expressed condemnation in a statement, denouncing the actions that led to the loss of both property and lives.

“The safety and security of staff and contractors is of the utmost importance. When attacks occur, it is children and women, in desperate need of assistance who suffer the most,” Hamida Lasseko the UNICEF South Sudan Representative said in a statement.

Lasseko conveyed condolences to the families most affected by the gunmen’s attack. 

In response to the incident, the humanitarian organization suspended all supply operations in the region and called upon the government to provide assistance to the affected community.

“UNICEF is working closely with the humanitarian community and authorities to ensure distribution of life-saving medical, nutrition, WASH and education supplies can continue, with the safety of the dedicated contractors who deliver them secured,” read part of the organisation’s statement.  

A photo of the National Police Service in South Sudan attending a workshop


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