Kenyan Accused of Ordering Hitman to Kill Child Over Ksh 27M Payout

Interpol, the world’s largest international police organisation, have launched a manhunt for 12 for global criminals on the loose, including a Kenyan and her husband who are accused of ordering a hitman to kill their child.

 A 59-year-old woman who was born in Kenya but has British Citizenship, and her 34-year old husband are accused of killing their son to get an insurance payout worth Ksh27 million (£150,000).

The couple is wanted in India but are currently walking scott-free in London, United Kingdom because the court system declined to extradite them to India, despite the Red Notice.

According to the UK courts, the Indian police failed to prove that they would not interfere on the couple’s human rights.

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Early 2016, the woman worked as a baggage handler at Heathrow airport, United Kingdom while her 34-year-old husband worked as a manager at a local bank.

The couple did not have children of their own and thus sought to adopt a son to become part of their family. In 2017, they placed an advert in a local newspaper, promising to take care of an adopted child to live in London.

They travelled to Gujarat, India, which is the man’s native home, and met the 11-year-old child, a farm boy who was living with his older sister and her husband.

After a brief conversation, the couple adopted the young boy and arranged papers for him to relocate to London.

However, on February 8, 2017, Indian police revealed that the son was abducted by two men on motorbikes, and stabbed before being left for dead by the roadside.

His brother-in-law was also caught in the melee as he sustained stab wounds as he tried to defend the boy. Both died the following month due to severe injuries.

The couple relocated back to the UK whereby they were arrested four months later upon the request from the Indian government.

According to the Indian police, Dhir took out an insurance policy worth Ksh27 million (£150,000) in the 11-year-old’s name.

The pair were accused of six charges including conspiracy to murder as well as kidnapping. The Indian government requested the UK courts to extradite the suspects for them to be charged in India.

The request was, however, dismissed after the UK’s High Court ruled that extradition would go against the couple’s human rights under UK law.

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