EPRA Closes 7 Gas Companies for Malpractice

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) on Saturday announced the closure of 7 companies dealing in the sale of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) for non-compliance and malpractice.

In a notice dated September 30, the regulatory authority listed four Nairobi-based companies namely; Avien Gas Limited, Points Merchant Limited, Bash Gas Limited, Alfa Gas and Geogas Limited for the infractions.

Aultia Investments Company Limited in Nakuru and Crescent Energy Limited in Kiambu were also shut down in the crackdown.

The agency indicated that the closure of the companies happened between July and September as the agency was conducting surveillance across the country.

A photo collage of EPRA officials and police raiding gas companies in Naironi in Separetes dates between August – September 2023.



According to EPRA, the companies were found to be violating various regulations guiding the safe handling of gas cylinders.

EPRA explained that its investigations showed that the companies had been transporting gas cylinders in vehicles not equipped for this purpose. Suppliers are required to get licenses from the agency for such.

Additionally, EPRA noted that the companies were found to be in possession of filled LPG cylinders without seals which goes against regulations and standard practice.

EPRA explained that these incidents not only pose a risk not only to consumers, but to their neighbours as well, hence the decision to shut down the gas companies.

The companies will remain closed until the authority concludes its investigations.

According to EPRA, the owners of the gas companies will be prosecuted if found culpable.

Conclusively, EPRA advised Kenyans to be careful when purchasing gas cylinders and to be always on the lookout for malpractices even as the regulator moves to rein in on companies  breaking the law.

“The Authority maintains a hotline number (0709 336 000), operational during normal working hours to enhance enforcement and compliance activities. Members of the public are requested to be vigilant and are encouraged to report any suspected cases of illegal trade of LPG in cylinders through the hotline number” read the notice in part.

EPRA officials together with police officers inspect a gas company facility along Mombasa Road in Nairobi County in August 2023.



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