Kenyan Pastor Riding Motorbike From South Africa To Kenya In 10 Days

A Kenyan man of cloth, Pastor Sammy Mwongera Kiumbe is seeking to make history by embarking on an extraordinary journey, riding his motorcycle from South Africa to Kenya in 10 days.

Pastor Mwongera, an ardent advocate for Climate Change awareness, embarked on his extraordinary journey on September 28.

His goal is to complete the journey on September 7, using his expedition as a platform to shed light on the detrimental impacts of Climate Change.

His journey commenced with a symbolic border crossing from South Africa into Botswana through the Martins Drift Border Point, a significant juncture between the two nations

“Be the Change, let’s stand shoulder to shoulder with Sammy on this incredible journey,” Ripple International, the organization that sponsored the journey said in a statement.

A picture of map showing the directions followed by pastor Sammy Mwongera


Ripples International

“Breaking boundaries, both literally and figuratively! Our very own Sammy Kiumbe has successfully crossed the Botswana border from South Africa through the Martins Drift border!” Ripple International said in its statement.

“That’s just the beginning! Sammy’s day was packed with heartwarming moments,” Ripple International said.

The motorcycle Pastor Sammy is riding was given to him by BMW Centurion, which also pledged to service the bike during the entire trip.

Another sponsor identified as Maleka, who also happens to be the pastor’s close friend, also played a role in purchasing the bike and mapping out logistics. 

Before Pastor Mwongera embarked on his trip, Maleka ensured the bike was well-serviced and ready for the long journey, showcasing unity in their shared passion for change.

Once everything was set, Sammy fueled and rode from South Africa all the way to Francistown, a city in East Botswana where he had a meal before embarking on the long journey  to Kenya.

During his journey, Pastor Mwongera encountered various challenges, which prompted him to set a daring course as he entered Namibia from Botswana.

“This epic adventure is not just a journey across borders but a testament of Sammy’s unwavering commitment to Inclusive Climate Action.  His journey is a powerful reminder that change starts with a single step,” Ripple International said.

Photo of Sammy Mwongera posing for photo in front of a hotel


Ripples International

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