Kiambu Police Raid Githunguri Estate & Shut Down Religious Sect

A multi-agency team comprising law enforcement personnel from various units on Saturday conducted a raid in Githunguri, Kiambu County following a tip-off about a suspected religious cult. 

Led by Githunguri Deputy County Commissioner David Juma, the operation resulted in the closure of the Miriga Kenga group’s main office. 

According to the police boss, the police were alerted of the cult activities by locals after a member of the group died by suicide, after reportedly killing his own mother. 

Deputy County Commissioner Juma stated that the raid was conducted to gather intelligence on the group’s activities, as it had been posing as a cultural religious organization for the local community.

A photo collage of the Miriga Kenga group offices in Githunguri (left) and Githunguri Deputy County Commissioner David Juma speaking after the raid (right).

The police boss clarified that the Miriga Kenga group had been recruiting members under the guise of teaching Agikuyu traditions while falsely presenting themselves as a part of the Kikuyu Council of Elders.

 In response to this, Juma ordered the immediate closure of the group’s office to alleviate the rising tension in the area.

Additionally, it was revealed that the group had been operating with an expired license, further raising concerns about their activities and authenticity.

“We have found that the licence expired in 2020 and we have been forced to shut down the facility. There will be no meeting here until this matter is addressed.

“The licence has to be renewed. Any meeting that will be held here now will be illegal,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Kikuyu elders have cautioned the community against the group’s activities which the police described as backward.

Responding to the matter, the Kikuyu elders national chairman Ndung’u Gaithuma distanced association from the cult’s activities.

“They do their things in secrecy and practice old age such s FGM. As a community, we do not support that. For us, we do everything during the day from 6 am to 6 pm,” the Association’s Secretary General Patrick Muiru added.

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A file image of two men in police handcuffs after being apprehended in August 2019.


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