Govt Collects Ksh 4.1 Billion From eCitizen in September

The government has announced a 300 percent increase in revenue collected through E-Citizen services.

In a statement sent to, Principal Secretary of State Department for Immigration Julius Bitok indicated a revenue rise from Ksh1.3 billion in June 2023 to  Ksh4.1 billion in September 2023.

The PS revealed that by October 4 the government had successfully made available over 10,513 services on the online platform.

”A further 4,184 services are partially onboarded and are in the process of being fully onboarded,” the statement read in part.

A photo of the eCitizen platform relaunch at KICC on June 30, 2023.


The government also made clear that the amount of revenue collected in the months of July and August was Ksh 2.3 billion and Ksh3.5 billion respectively.

President William Ruto during the launch of the eCitizen platform on June 30, 2023, unveiled 5000 Services on the Portal and directed that all government services be made available on the online platform.

”Following the Presidential directive, the revenue collected on the eCitizen platform has grown by over 300% from Ksh1,397,301,980 in June 2023 to Ksh4,168,704,016 in September 2023,” Amb. Bitok stated on the revenue increase.

It further stated that government services will be made available by the end of the year.

”The process of migrating Government services to eCitizen will continue until all the remaining services are fully onboarded by December 31, 2023, the statement concluded.

The platform that was launched back in June by President Ruto which he had promised on Madaraka Day was launched to make citizens access services conveniently.

”We have taken measures to empower Kenyans everywhere, especially the majority at the bottom of our socioeconomic structure, to access government services at their convenience, through their mobile devices,” President Ruto said during the launch.

Recently the eCitizen experienced a breakdown after attempted cyber attacks on the online platform that led to the unavailability of crucial government services for hours.

Principal Secretary for Immigration and Citizen Services Julius Bitok



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