Miguna Sues Former Interior CS Fred Matiang’i Over Deportation

Lawman Miguna Miguna has taken legal action against former Interior CS Fred Matiang’i for alleged mistreatment and forced deportation in 2018.

In a statement, the lawyer stated that his legal representative had served court papers to the former CS at his residence.

“Today, my Process Server delivered Court Summons and Pleadings in HCCC 163 of 2019 to Fred Okeng’o MATIANG’I at his mansion in KCB Karen Ngong Estate,” Miguna disclosed.

He continued to emphasize that former Interior CS and other individuals involved in his mistreatment must be held accountable for their actions.

Former Interior CS Fred Matiang’i during a past interview.


Fred Matiang’i

“Matiang’i and other defendants must answer for torture, abuse of power, malicious prosecution, forced exile and many other crimes. Justice shall prevail no matter how long it takes,” he declared.

Furthermore, Miguna disclosed that President William Ruto had personally apologized to him earlier this year regarding his deportation. 

However, he claimed that President Ruto has yet to fulfil his promise of bringing the responsible parties to book.

“In January, President ⁦William Ruto⁩ apologised to me over barbaric torture, forced exile and horrendous treatment the government that he served as DP subjected me to. He promised to have all the cases relating to those abuses resolved. 12 months later, I’m still waiting,” Miguna remarked.

Miguna was forcefully ejected from the country in February 2018, on the grounds that he is not a Kenyan citizen.

This expulsion came after he conducted a mock swearing-in of opposition leader Raila Odinga as the ‘people’s president’ on January 30, shortly after former President Uhuru Kenyatta assumed office.

Subsequently, police raided his home and arrested him.

Miguna alleges that he was mistreated and kept under inhumane conditions in the five days that followed.

The high court then ordered his immediate release on bail, a directive that was not met. Instead, he was unceremoniously ejected from the country the following day.

Later, he returned to Kenya, in March 2018, but faced a second deportation, this time to Canada. 

“I was dragged, assaulted, drugged and forcefully flown to Dubai,” Miguna stated at the time. “I woke up in Dubai, and the despots are here insisting that I must travel on to London.”

The lawyer was officially allowed back into the country in October 2022 five years after his exile.

“I extend my gratitude to all Kenyans who have stood with me, who stood with the bill of rights in the Constitution, the cost of justice, the dictates of democracy, and rule of law. I would like to extend my gratitude to the judiciary, who stood firm on the side of the rule of law,” he stated at the time.

Lawyer Miguna greets President William Ruto at Kisumu State Lodge on January 14, 2023


Dennis Itumbi

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