Mother Storms Into Court, Argues With Judge Over Child Upkeep Ruling

Drama ensued at the Eldoret family court on Friday as a woman interrupted an ongoing court session and protested the ruling of her child upkeep case.

In a video recorded at the court premises, the woman approached the entrance of the court and began shouting at the magistrate, lamenting that the ruling, which granted her full custody of her two children, was unfair.

She questioned why the magistrate did not share the parental duties between the parents, leaving her to take care of all the children’s basic needs.

The aggrieved mother argued that her financial situation would not allow her to handle such responsibilities, especially at a time when the cost of living is high.

The entrance of Eldoret Law Courts.


Eldoret Court

“This case is concerning the children. Where will I get the funds to raise the children? To get money for them to eat? I have to fend for two children who are still young. Now the question is, when they start school, where will the money come from?” she posed.

“I’ve declined the ruling. If he wants to, he can apply for custody and take them. I don’t want this anymore. Let it be 50/50. I already live with the children, so I have accomplished my 50 per cent in terms of food, rent, clothing and medication. So, I take care of all these responsibilities without him having to provide.”

The tense moment played out in court, forcing the magistrate to intervene and ask the woman to seek legal means if she was not satisfied with the ruling.

“You will take the judgment and read it. If you’re not up for it, you can always make an application,” the judge responded. 

“I will not apply because in the end, the process is corrupted,” the woman interjected.

This irritated the magistrate, who stated that the woman was disrupting sessions for other Kenyans who were seeking justice. “You can go talk outside; other people have cases that need to be attended to,” the judge said.

The woman, however, declined, saying that her voice needed to be heard.

“I’ve been taking care of the children, it’s high time that the father plays his part. I will pay for the fees when they are adults. They are telling me not to cause drama, I will hear none of it,” she added.

Moments later, the woman left the court premises and confirmed she would continue seeking legal redress.

An image of a legal scale and a gavel.



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