As war broke out, Trump focused on Tish James, N.Y fraud trial

Twice in a row, he posted the same video of James. In the video, James says, “the number one issue in this country is defeating Donald Trump. Nothing else matters.”

A fourth post, accompanied by another video of James, read: “JUSTICE IN AMERICA. Terminate this Witch Hunt trial. How can Judge Engoron allow this scam to continue. Also, I am worth much MORE than on Financials, and have 100% DISCLAIMER CLAUSE. Therefore, can’t be Fraud!!! END THIS FAKE $18,000,000 Mar-a-Lago TRIAL. A total miscarriage of justice!”

Trump further posted multiple times on Hunter Biden and unsubstantiated allegations of White House corruption.

In comparison, his tone on Israel was muted.

“These Hamas attacks are a disgrace and Israel has every right to defend itself with overwhelming force. Sadly, American taxpayer dollars helped fund these attacks, which many reports are saying came from the Biden Administration. We brought so much peace to the Middle East through the Abraham Accords, only to see Biden whittle it away at a far more rapid pace than anyone thought possible. Here we go again,” read his campaign statement.

James sued Trump in a New York court, accusing him of extensive business fraud. The former president has relentlessly attacked James and others involved in the ongoing trial, leading the judge to issue a partial gag order.

In the past, Trump has been vocal in his support for Israel. During his presidency, he closely aligned himself with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

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