Hacks To Determine the Speed of a Vehicle While Onboard

Have you ever wondered how you can tell the speed of a car while onboard without looking at the vehicle’s speedometer?

This common dilemma arises when we suspect a driver is over speeding or when the car’s speedometer itself is faulty.

Here are two ways you can determine the speed of a car;

A photo collage on how to navigate the speedometer option on Google Maps.


Google Maps

Apart from showing the direction and geographical outlook of a particular area, Google Maps can help passengers determine the speed of a car.

To use the speed option of Google Maps, one has to turn on the feature by opening the Google Maps App.

The feature can be turned on by choosing the settings option under the profile and selecting turn on/off speedometer which is listed under the navigation settings options.

Upon turning on the setting, the speed of the vehicle will be displayed on the phone screen.

Google installed the speedometer app with the aim of helping motorists moderate their speed and get alerts when they go beyond the speed limit.

“Speedometers shown in the Google Maps app are for informational use only. Make sure to use your vehicle’s speedometer to confirm your actual driving speed,” the platform cautions.

Speed Apps

Apart from Google Maps, passengers can also determine the speed of the vehicle they are travelling using various mobile applications that can be downloaded online

Some of the most commonly used apps include Ulysse Speedometer which can be acquired for free. Apart from showing the map, the app also has speed limit warnings which caution motorists and passengers when the driver is speeding.

Other free platforms on the Google Play store include Speedometer: GPS Speedometer, and KTW GPS Speedometer which also offer the option of tracking their trip history.

Notably, some of the apps can also be purchased with more precise and accurate information.

A speedometer is a device located on the dashboard that indicates the speed of a vehicle while in motion. 

However, despite the digital ways of determining, reading the speedometer can be convenient for passengers who sit next to the driver’s seat.

While many vehicles still have mechanical readers that move during acceleration or deceleration, other vehicles have digital readers which display the exact speed on the screen.

Speeding has been highlighted as one of the main causes of accidents. Motorists are advised to observe the speed limits set by road agencies.

As of July 2021, 2,124 lost their lives in road accidents as per the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) records.

An image of one of the electronic speed cameras mounted along the Nairobi expressway.


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