Mudavadi Reveals Ruto’s Targets for Foreign Affairs Ministry

President William Ruto tasked Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi with improving Kenya’s diaspora relations in his new role as Foreign Affairs CS.

Speaking at Inyanza primary school in Vihiga County on Saturday, Mudavadi stated that the government was keen on working towards promoting good relations with Kenya’s neighbours in Africa and beyond with a key focus on making Kenya a jewel in the international arena.

Ruto also wants Kenya to reclaim its international glory by promoting good governance for other countries. The head of state further wants Kenya to be recognized as the proper and peaceful place to invest.  

According to Mudavadi, investments will create more job opportunities, which will culminate in economic growth. 

Photo of Prime CS Musalia Mudavadi in Vihiga on October 7, 2023


Musalia Mudavadi

“I want all Kenyans to support President William Ruto’s key foreign policy agenda that will make Kenya stand out and be respected not just with our East African Region but across Africa and beyond,” Mudavadi stated after officially launching the Maragoli Hills Reforestation Marathon.

“We want to make sure that we promote good relations by making Kenya strong to be recognized globally as a hub for economic growth and global investment,” he added.

Mudavadi, who succeeded Alfred Mutua, current Tourism CS, lauded Ruto for bestowing upon him more duties in the Cabinet reshuffle announced on Wednesday, October 4, in addition to his role as Prime Cabinet Secretary.

Despite the gravity of the Foreign Affairs docket, Mudavadi pledged to focus on projecting, promoting, and protecting Kenya’s interests and image globally through innovative diplomacy that contributes towards a just, peaceful, and equitable world. 

“I am humbled by President Ruto’s gesture, for I am fully aware that he is focused on cementing Kenya’s foreign and diaspora links by ensuring that Kenya’s foreign policy agenda on a peaceful, prosperous, and global competitiveness becomes a reality.”

“The foreign affairs docket is very crucial. We want everybody to work with us. Attracting investment and enhancing global economic competitiveness calls for joint collaboration and working towards ensuring mutual benefits from each and every country we engage with,” the PCS urged other state officials to support him. 

Mudavadi, who spoke for the first time since the reshuffle, added that he was fully aware of the tasks ahead of him. 

Meanwhile, the Maragoli Hills Reforestation Marathon seeks to raise funds for

Photo of Prime CS Musalia Mudavadi planting a Tree in Vihiga on October 7, 2023


Musalia Mudavadi

 restoring the forests covered in the 461 hectares (at least 1,200) of forest destroyed through human activity.

Mudavadi said his office will work closely with the Ministry of Environment, the Kenya Forest Service, and other organizations and bodies to ensure the Maragoli Hills Forest reclaims its lost glory.

“We have to always remind ourselves that promoting tree planting is doable; to wade off encroachment of Climate Change. As a Country, we are focused on our target of Greening Kenya by planting 15 billion trees to achieve a 30% tree cover by the year 2032,” he said.

“In the efforts towards restoring the Maragoli Hills Forest, we are targeting that by June next year (2024) we attract marathoners who will participate in a marathon at the slopes of this hill which is 1,800 ft above sea level (Low altitude marathon).



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