Prices of Rice, Cooking Oil & 4 Other Items to Rise in October

Kenyans are expected to spend more on six food items whose prices are projected to increase in October owing to current market conditions.

In the September Agriculture Sector Survey Report released by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) on Friday, sugar and cooking oil prices are expected to rise following the increase in electricity costs and high importation costs.

On the other hand, rice, beans and green grams are also set to increase owing to low production in the farms.

For instance, the production of beans was hampered by the heavy rainfall witnessed earlier in the year. Farmers lamented that the rains damaged the farm products. 

Maize Flour on a supermarket shelf on April 4, 2023.


Ken Aseka

“The price of processed and unprocessed milk could creep up as farmers supplement the green pasture with processed feeds as they await the short rains to commence.

“Sugar prices could be moderated by the expected reopening of sugar factories in October which may coincide with the sugarcane harvest,” read the report in part.

However, the report did not detail the expected price rise.

With the expected increase, Kenyans could be forced to adopt more cost-saving techniques given that the six food items are expensive yet essential. 

Currently, a litre of cooking oil retails between Ksh320 – and Ksh350, while most 1 Kg rice brands retail at Ksh300.

1 kg of sugar, on the other hand, is currently being sold between Ksh210 and Ksh220. Conversely, a 500ml packet of milk trades at Ksh55 to Ksh60.

On the flip side, other food items, such as maize, are expected to drop in the month.

“The Balance of Opinion points to a decline in the expected retail prices of grain maize and maize products in October 2023 with the ongoing harvest in most parts of the country,” read the report on the part.

Tips to Save on Food Costs During Price Increases 

  1. Buy food items in bulk.
  2. Shop at cheaper stores and supermarkets.
  3. Avoid wastage during cooking.
  4. Reduce ordering food from stores. 
  5. Go for goods on offers.

A photo of a milk vendor selling to a customer in Kiambu County, Kenya.



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