Wanjiru wa Waya: How My Friends Betrayed Me After I was Fired by Kameme TV

Former Kameme TV presenter Wanjiru wa Waya recalled how she went through financial and emotional hardships after her 2-year stint at the station based along Kijabe Street ended.

Speaking on Reke Ciume na Ene on YouTube, the journalist claimed that her friends and close associates peddled rumours over her firing shortly after her Mugiithi show, which aired every Saturday, went off-air.

The speculations went viral online with claims that she was allegedly fired following remarks made from a previous media interview. It had been alleged that the journalist claimed to have been hired at Kameme TV through connections.

Former Kameme TV presenter Wanjiru wa Waya poses for a photo on July 17, 2023.


Wanjiru wa Waya

Wanjiru cleared the air, maintaining that she left the station after her contract ended.

She, however, revealed that the station’s management did not give a clear indication why they declined to extend her contract.

At the time, she admitted that the online trolls, especially coming from colleagues, affected her.

“I was affected a lot by the comments, despite the face that we show on the exterior, no one knows what we go through on the inside. I admit it took a while before I was able to develop a coping mechanism,” she pointed out.

Wanjiru noted that a lot of celebrities often fall into depression because they are unable to handle the pressure and negativity.

Consequently, the TV presenter advised Kenyans to conduct their research before spreading online propaganda.

After her exit from the station, the former Kameme TV presenter began focusing her craft on hosting celebrities on her social media platforms, which grew her following. 

Through this, she resumed releasing vernacular music owing to her passion for local music. Waya has released a couple of songs on her YouTube channel which has amassed an average of 200,000 views.

The massive following, according to Wanjiru, is attributed to the fame that she got during her time at MediaMax Network Limited which owns K24, Kameme TV and other affiliate radio stations.

“I would like to say thank you to Kameme TV for the opportunity for it opened a lot of doors for me.”

Kameme TV studios.

Kameme TV

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