How to Protect & Prepare Your Car During El Nino

As Kenyans brace for themselves for the El Nino which is projected to begin later this month all through to December, many motorists will be looking for ways to protect their automobiles.

This is amidst fears of potential flooding that could be witnessed in some parts of the country should the rains overpower the drainage systems put in place by the government.

On the other hand, El Nino effects such as flooding could prove costly to motorists given the damages that can be caused by stagnant waters. details car parts that need to be checked before and during the El Nino.

A photo of floods at Nyayo roundabout in Nairobi on March 23, 2023.



One of the most important components to check before and during El Nino is the wipers of the vehicle. Wipers are crucial during a rainy season as they help clear raindrops from the windscreen for clear visibility.

In cases where the wipers are not working properly, a motorist should visit the garage to replace the wiper blades.

Driving without proper visibility can prove costly and lead to accidents.


One of the components that a motorist should check during such weather conditions is the battery.

Most vehicles are designed to prevent water from getting to a car’s battery. However, motorists should always ensure that the battery is at its optimum to prevent scenarios when the car fails to start.

In some cases, other motorists also prepare for El Nino by purchasing a new car battery in the event that the old one fails.


Another car part that will need care during El Nino is the headlights. Headlights are vital during the rainy season as they alert other motorists of the vehicles around them to avoid causing accidents.

Headlights also improve visibility and can help a motorist from hitting obstacles such as pillars.

Therefore, one should check whether the headlights are fully operational. In case of a damaged bulb or defective wiring, motorists should pay a visit to their mechanic.


Brakes are vital during El Nino because of the chaos that can be witnessed on the roads during the rainy season.

Most importantly brakes help motorists to avoid hitting other motorists and passengers on the road. Therefore, one should ensure that the brakes work efficiently and can be engaged timely

In instances when one notices the brakes have a problem, they should visit the garage for a checkup. During the visit also ensure that the mechanic checks the brake fluid which is crucial in the functioning of the brakes.

A photo of a motorist removing a car battery from a vehicle for a checkup.


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Driving Practice

In cases of flooding, it is advisable not to drive through the waters. One is advised to wait for the rain to subside before embarking on a journey.

One of the dangers of driving through flooded water is that a vehicle can be carried away by the flooding water leading to losses.

Other key pointers include having an extra fully charged phone in the car that can be used to call for help when one is stuck.

Verifications and having an up-to-date insurance cover also help mitigate losses that may occur during flooding.


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