Kiambu Governor Wamatangi Dares Top Officials to Remove Him Over Del Monte Land

Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi has revealed that there are powerful individuals in the country who are planning to hound him out of office. 

Wamatangi remarked that he was being targeted after he refused to let people grab a multibillion piece of land carved from the expansive Del Monte plantation. 

The first-term governor vowed not to be swayed as he continued to protect public resources. 

“Does it make sense for you to be elected leader and then you start plotting against the very same people who elected you,” he asked. 

Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi on August 23, 2023. addressing mourners of six people who died after an underground water tank caved in during a wedding at Fort Jesus area.


Kimani Wamatangi

“I have categorically said that no land in Kiambu will be grabbed by anyone, you have already grabbed a lot of land.”

Wamatangi revealed that his administration was planning to build social amenities like schools and hospitals. 

This was being met with resistance by a few rich individuals who wanted to grab the land and sell it to developers, according to the governor.

The former senator remarked that he was aware that the said individuals were busy planning his ouster but he was unmoved. 

“I was given the Governors’ seat by God, through you Kiambu constituents. I am not afraid,” he remarked. 

The land in contention is 7,449 acres that were allocated to 1,930 beneficiaries by the Lands Committee of the National Assembly.

Beneficiaries of the prime land are the Kandara Residents Association and the Kiambu and Murang’a County governments.

According to the National Lands Committee, the 7,449 acres will be shared between the Kandara Residents Association and the County Governments of Kiambu and Muranga in a ratio of 70:30 respectively.

Kandara Residents Association members pose for a photo in 2018 after attending a court hearing.


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