How KDF Raided Operating Base of Terrorists Sent on Attack Mission

New details about officers from the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) who successfully saved the country from an impending attack have emerged.

The officers, who were part of a multi-agency team, raided an operating base set up by Al Shabaab militants in Garissa County.

On Thursday, Garowe, a media outlet in Somalia, reported that the terror suspects had been sent to Kenya to plant improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

During the raid, the multi-agency teams recovered crucial items, including maize flour, sugar and water the terror suspects were using for survival.

Al-Shabaab Insurgents in Somalia.


Intelligence Briefs

Simultaneously, on Tuesday, several troops working in tandem with the Somalian Government attacked Al Shabaab’s main bases in Middle Jubba.

The teams that participated in the raid included the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) and the US Africa Command.

This attack was part of a raid in Jubaland and Southwest States, where it is believed the militia groups have been hiding for years.

“With the support of international security partners, the National Armed Forces carried out planned operations targeting Al Shabaab terrorists’ bases in Bu’ale, Sakow and Jilib,” read the statement from the Somali Government.

“Careful intelligence analysis revealed the bases, including a weaponry depot. Initial reports indicate that the terrorists suffered a huge loss.”

In mid-September, a multi-agency team from Kenya raided an al Shabaab camp in Garissa and neutralised four militants planning to attack Kenyan forces.

The morning attack on the Al Shabaab camp was staged by the elite officers who had earlier received a tip-off from members of the public privy to the militants’ operation.

“Officers seized IED materials, ammunition, and medical supplies. A number of militants also escaped with bullet injuries,” the KDF statement read.

“These supplies could have been used to treat wounded Al Shabaab fighters, so their removal will make it more difficult for the group to sustain its operations.”

Al Shabaab bomb making materials which were recovered in Garissa by Kenyan forces on Wednesday, September 13, 2023.


Kenny Kaburu

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